Live Ghost Web Cams

The photograph above shows the scene at dusk with Holyhead Mountain dominating. A small lighthouse can just be seen in front of the mountain with the ferry port to the left.

The cam is positioned slightly to the right overlooking Holyhead Bay and if it could be seen Dublin would be directly in front. The Skerries lighthouse is further to the right (out of view) warding off sea fairing ships of the dangers ahead. In 1943 the cargo ship SS Castilian was shipwrecked on the East Platters Rocks, near The Skerries. This can be a dangerous area and many a ship and souls have been lost to the sea around the Coast of Anglesey (see video).

Welcome to the North West coast of Anglesey rugged and wild. In winter the weather can be unforgiving with high winds, treacherous waves and a forever-changing coastline as the high tides batter the shores. The Coast Guard trains here so watch out for the stranded boats and the helicopters. Also, look out for the sunsets we have some of the best that you can see anywhere.

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Ghost webcams are hard to come by nowadays but we are still looking… More cams are in the pipeline and will be added soon.

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