Anybodythere’s Chat Terms & Conditions

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Chat Register Agreement

No readings by visitors or guests. Only registered and actively participating Members are granted permission to practice readings in chat. This also includes private readings both in Chat and the Forums – Unless authorized specifically by the website Administrator or Global Moderators. Taking members offsite to side-step this rule could result in a permanent chat ban.

For privacy and as a safety precaution we will discourage posting email addresses etc in the main channel of chat. If you do so privately, ABT is not accountable for conflicts that occur between members off-site.

No Multiple IDs. One username, please. You are responsible that your password is kept confidential. No role-playing/ BS/ impersonations.

No spamming. No recruiting: recruiting site visitors or members with invitations to join other websites, forums/ groups, personal or otherwise. “Poaching” members is unacceptable. No advertising: offering services or products for sale is strictly forbidden.

No Illegal material: absolutely no discussions meant to cause incitement to commit or promote a crime. This includes discussing taking, buying or selling drugs, the sale or promotion of weapons, hacking, pirated software/ movies/ music or promoting or encouraging violence of any kind.

No Preaching: discussing religion and beliefs is acceptable. However, DO NOT attempt to convert or push religious beliefs onto others. We ask that all beliefs be respected.

No Racism, hate speech, trolling or flame-baiting.

No harassment: do not harass, defame, threaten, bully or victimize other members, this includes private messages. Publicly arguing is not permitted, debating is.

No constant profanity, kink. Sexual innuendos aka known as flirting to be in PRIVATE only.

No pestering for Psychic readings in public or private pm.

No self-harm boasting or threatening to commit suicide in Chat: please understand that no one here is ‘qualified’ to deal with this. We support many members who have experienced such a tragic loss and are grieving. If you are considering suicide, please consult with a medical professional immediately, Volunteer Emotional Support Helplines & Suicide Hotlines.