Female Exorcist Mary Malone from Ireland

Mary’s Mission initially was to use her gift of healing and visionary insight, but it soon became apparent that something else was ‘rearing its ugly head’. Whilst praying over people at her healing (visionary) sessions Mary noticed that certain people would faint or go into fits or seizures and sometimes become violent whilst seemingly in a trance-like state.

‘If a person is in fact possessed there are different
levels and degrees of this phenomenon

Mary took advice and guidance from a very small team of Priests in the Vatican to help her confront the possessed individuals and vanquish the evil spirits within.

One of Exorcist Mary Malones early experiences – Branfontien Hotel, JHB, South Africa 1987

A young couple came to see Mary, the man came for visionary insight and his cousin, a lady of about 28 years came for healing. The lady’s problems started 2 years earlier when she began to lose weight dramatically, and started smoking and for no apparent reason, her personality changed drastically for the worse.

She had attended doctors, therapists and all avenues of conventional medicine, all to no avail.

The lady sat down in Mary’s office, facing east. The lady was small, demure, very soft spoken and did not look like she’d had a proper meal for quite some time.

Mary began by using her visionary insight but could not pick up anything, almost as if she was being blocked.

Mary then moved on to the healing process. From the moment she applied the laying on of her hands and recited the rosary, the lady slumped in the chair, apparently in some kind of trance. She started making noises and contorting her face. Malcom (Mary’s Husband) bolted for the door, instructing the young man to follow him.

We entered the room running, the lady was in the chair, which was tilted at an almost impossible angle backwards. She was covered in sweat, her hands gripping the chair veins protruding, her neck the same. Her head stretched at a seemingly neck-breaking position backwards, her face so contorted that she was unrecognizable and her eyes were tightly shut.

Mary stood very close in front of the lady, she had a large wooden crucifix in both hands. Roars, growls and swear words coming from this lady could hardly be described as human, The voice, whenever words could be made out, was defiantly male sounding.

Mary at this stage was also reciting one of her special “release” Prayers, and there was an overwhelming stench of decaying flesh (Later, Mary recalls having detected no smells of any kind whilst in the room with the lady).

There was a crash from behind Malcolm he looked quickly, the young man was spread-eagled against the wall near the door, somehow, the door had closed, and in his panic, he backed up to the wall and was “frozen” there.

Malcolm jumped over to where Mary was, wrapped his left arm around the lady’s body and arms, pinning her to the chair and held on for dear life!

It took all of Malcolm’s strength to hold the lady down, Malcolm started to panic as he became weaker.

Malcolm recalls that the exorcism seemed to last for hours, but was in fact only 4 minutes. Mary was at the end of her Release Prayer, when the lady just collapsed, and at that moment the long, lace curtains in the room were blown through the windows like someone had pulled them out from the outside.

The lady came to, sat on the couch, smiled, and said she felt good! She did not recall any of the proceedings. She came to visit Mary again in 1988, she was a changed person, and everything was fantastic with her she said.

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