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Request for message from my deceased aunt

Good Evening 


I would like to get any messages from my aunt. She passed abt 3 months ago


Thanks in advance.



She is a spicy one! She was kind but opinionated, yes? She has quite a strong personality. She seems a bit annoyed with those around her on the other side. I feel she had unsettled business here and thinks she still has to settle it, or is stuck in the turmoil of it. I feel she was not happy in her heart; she was deeply hurt and never got over it and had difficulty standing up for herself. But not for others. I see her walking away, shaking her head like she is misunderstood or tired of trying to be heard. I hear, "They just don't understand." As far as a message to you from her, I would need a picture of you as well for that. I just feel she is generally unsettled, shaking her head in disappointment. I hope this helps a little

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Thank you