Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are “spirit voices” that are said to manifest themselves on audio recordings.

EVP is a subcategory of Instrumental trans-communication (ITC), a broader term for certain controversial means of communication with the afterlife; investigating communication through ordinary electronic devices such as telephones, television sets, radios, and computers. In the case of telephones; many people report to have received strange phone calls from someone claiming to be a relative or a colleague that has died. The voices can also manifest over the white noise between untuned stations on a radio.

Some of the most remarkable are cases involving television and computers; a ghostly image of a distorted face will sometimes appear on the screen during the conversation. Some of the images even appear as a clear “full body” snapshot of the deceased individual, often standing in the foreground of a beautiful and peaceful-looking backdrop. In some of these cases, the spirit will say the ethereal scene behind them is an actual view of the “astral world” and is used to reassure their loved ones who are still living, that they are in a safe and “wonderful place”.