Levitation (from Latin levis, light) is the process by which an object is suspended against gravity, in a stable position, by a force without physical contact.

Some beliefs include ideas that are paranormal ways to levitate objects. These may include mystical or magic-related methods of raising an object off the ground. Perhaps the most stereotypically famous example is of monks and/or religious people that live a hermetic life levitating at will, a today-common element[citation needed], almost a cliche, in fiction involving monks. It is said that the Christian theologian Thomas Aquinas was seen levitating after a mystical experience. The numerous stories involving religious or religion-related/ induced levitation suggest that “true” or unaided (by apparent, or, at least, earthly forces) levitation may be a divine act or consequence of a divine revelation.

The original use of the word was to refer to such inexplicable claims, as in wonder stories and unauthenticated reports; the use of the word to describe an actual, physical means of “making things float in the air” is a recent development.